Newz Feed | Photoshop Skill Level Over 9000
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Photoshop Skill Level Over 9000

a self-depicted “average buddy from Belgium,” has dated Taylor Swift, strolled celebrity central with Kim and Kanye, and nodded off on David Beckham’s shoulder.

In any event on Instagram, that is.

Since 2015, Rob has Photoshopped himself into many pictures with famous people, performers, legislators, and then some. On account of his clever pictures, he’s amassed a following of more than 187,000 fans on Instagram and more than 34,000 on Facebook.

“I began Photoshopping on the grounds that I was exhausted amid class,” Rob told INSIDER. Be that as it may, as he tested increasingly with the photograph altering programming, he started to acknowledge he could influence individuals to giggle by making an “interesting circumstance” out of a normal, commonplace picture.

Here’s a more intensive take a gander at some of his best Photoshops up until this point.


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