Newz Feed | He Thought He Had The Perfect Hiding Spot – When I See The Others I Burst Out Laughing
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He Thought He Had The Perfect Hiding Spot – When I See The Others I Burst Out Laughing

While they might not be as stealthy as their humans, dogs might be the next-best species to play hide-and-go-seek with. These pups can hide with the best.

Which Poofy Head Is The Real Thing!?

We’re not going to lie. We had to stare for this picture for a good 15 seconds before we found the real thing.


Heads Under, Butts Out
“They’ll never find us under here. Good hide!”


Blending Right In
This pup thinks he’s in full-blown ninja mode. He can see you, but you can’t see him.


Can You Spot Him?
It took us a while to realize there was actually a dog in this picture…


Not Fully Understanding Mirrors
If only this pup fully understood how mirrors work, he might have gotten away with his mischief.


Making Friends
If you’re around things that look like you, there’s no way they’ll find you!


A Tight Squeeze
I don’t remember the couch having eyes…


Keeping It Warm
Left unattended, a sweater will grow a dog in its sleeves. Beware!


Don’t Sit Down!
Boy, bed bugs these days are getting bigger and bigger. This one even has fur!


Desk Dog
How many times have you wished you could take your dog to work with you? If you can find one small enough, they’re happy to tag along in stealth mode.


This Shiba Inu tried out various methods of hiding from its owner, all equally adorable.


So Close…
This dog was so close to getting away with it, and he would have, if not for that pesky tail.


Butt Out
This corgi has a good idea of how to hide, but two stumps, a poofy tail and a cute little butt gave him away.

Couch Potato
When this dog decided to hide from the family, his owners had no choice but to flip the couch over. Here’s what they found.


Feeling Shy
This little guy hasn’t quite mastered the concept of object permanence, but at least he’s really cute!


Ignorance Is Bliss
This happy pup doesn’t quite know he’s been found out.


Really, how did this dog manage to wiggle his way in there!?


I’m Stuffed
“What dog? Are you talking to me? I’m the couch!”


Camouflage Expert
This fluffy puppy has mastered the art of camouflage, so watch your step.


Just Chilling
“Don’t mind me! I’ll just be right here by the bacon.”


Master of Disguise
“My eyes are covered, so I must be covered!”


Leaf Me Alone
Fall means it’s time for Fido to play his annual game of hide-and-go-leaf.

Get Fluffy
This hiding dog is looking to make his coat a little more fluffy in the dryer. (Though we do not recommend drying your dog this way.)


Just Another Pillow
“I’m not on the bed! I’m just a pillow that looks like a pug!”


Boxed Up
“They’ll never find me here. Plus, this place has crackers!”


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
This pup takes camouflage to a whole new level.


But Don’t Hide For Too Long…

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