Newz Feed | He is not Paying For The Hotel
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He is not Paying For The Hotel

A man in China must be saved from a 196 ft-high phone wire after he attempted to escape paying his lodging bill by intersection the link to the following building.

Film of the peculiar occurrence in Panzhou, Guizhou demonstrated the man swinging from the media transmission link as he endeavored to escape his inn to abstain from paying for his room.

He was taped dangling from the tallness of around 19 stories high by shocked witnesses who shared the scene crosswise over online networking.

As indicated by China Daily, he wound up near high-voltage electrical cables and was fortunate he didn’t come into contact with them.

Firefighters protected the man and he was escorted away by police.

It isn’t clear which lodging he was escaping from or the cost of the bill.

The video got more than 7.4 million perspectives on Chinese social site Weibo, with one delighted client remarking: “He truly supposes he is recording some activity motion pictures, right?”


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