Newz Feed | Giraffe can be a great wingman
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Giraffe can be a great wingman

Authorities at Dickerson Park Zoo said they appended Cody Hall’s wedding band to a cord and hung it around the neck of a Mili on Sunday with the goal that Hall could propose to his better half, Makayla Blakey.

Blakey just idea the couple was getting an in the background voyage through the zoo.

“They gave us this spiel about how we will nourish the giraffe and help take an interest in a preparation work out,” Hall told the Springfield News-Leader. “They gave Makayla a tree limb to bolster the giraffe and when it extended its neck out, the ring was hanging.”

It didn’t take yearn for Blakey to acknowledge what was going on once Hall got down on one knee.

She said yes.

Corridor told the paper that his companion Jesse Rollhaus and zoo representative Joey Powell helped him design the proposition.

The zoo shared photographs of the unique engagement on their Facebook page.

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